Upcoming Conference in Galway, Ireland 2024

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Meanwhile enjoy the Theme for next year’s conference

Custodianship” links communities to heritage ownership to preserve for future generations. This means that our universal values are held in trust as a way to safeguard both natural and cultural heritage; tangible and intangible heritage as intricate and intertwined values. The conference wants to explore the subject of critical heritage discourse within these narratives. Fostering equity of engagement of all people as universal custodians of their cultural heritage. It is often assumed that in places where these operate, communities share homogenous values about natural and cultural resources.


As citizens of the world, the engagement of the custodianship of different cultural heritages and with different cultural associations at the community and individual levels as a combination of five dispositions such as 1) Sense of self 2) Belonging 3) Potency 4) Continuance and 5) Responsibility. Citizens as self-organising stakeholders, are responsible for their wellbeing and growth. Able to actively participate in the politics of their local regions and sustainable development. Studies on urban redevelopment in a technological era show that citizens’ empowerment needs to be enhanced further through knowledge enrichment regarding their cultural heritage. Tangible assets like built heritage or intangible assets such as local folklore, craftsmanship, music, and citizen-led heritage custodianship can influence social dynamics and decisions regarding heritage management, sustainability, and redevelopment.



International Debate on “Diversities and Genders” Our World Heritage Initiative (Co-Convener).

A 2 day Conference organised as part of the debate titled “Monuments of Oppression”, Oppression of Monuments”, “ Acknowledging Intangible Heritage as part of Future Past”, “ Caring for Future Worlds? SDGs Within Spaces and Places of Heritage”. (Main Conference Organiser).


ICOMOS Nigeria Webinar Series, (Main Organiser/Moderator). Landscape, Knowledge And Sense Of Place: What Does Indigeneity Mean In The African Context. 

International symposium on “Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibilities”(ICOMOS GA2020 Scientific Symposium Lead Chair for Marginalised Heritage) Sydney, Australia


International conference on “Rural Heritage – Landscapes and beyond”(organising committee member, ISCCL) Marrakesh, Morocco.